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Evalax-frasco -- Farmakonsuma

Product name



Safe and effective powdered laxative for the relief of occasional constipation (irregularity). It usually produces a bowel movement in 1 to 3 days.

Health Register

R.S. N°: EE-00697.


  • Box x 10 envelopes 17g.
  • Bottle x 250 g..

Contraindications and Warnings

Allergy to polyethylene glycol. Diarrhea. It should not be administered in patients with diagnosed or suspected symptoms of intestinal obstruction, rectal bleeding, nausea, colic, bloating or abdominal pain. Do not use in kidney disease (except under medical supervision). Sudden change in bowel habits lasting more than two weeks, irritable bowel syndrome. Need to use laxative for more than a week.


In pregnancy and lactation consult your doctor.

Adverse reactions

When using this product, you may have more frequent loose, watery stools.