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Calcibone® D

It is the formulation of calcium citrate and vitamin D3, which complements the need for calcium and vitamin D that your body needs every day. Vitamin D promotes increased calcium absorption, helping to improve your bone structure.


Type II collagen supplement for the prevention and adjuvant management of osteoarthritis.

Calcibonenatal® Forte

Calcium supplement with an exclusive formulation of four essential micronutrients for a healthy pregnancy and lactation. Calcibonnatal® Forte is indicated for women of childbearing age from periconception to lactation, favoring the birth of healthy babies without complications due to calcium, folic acid and iron deficiency.


It is a dietary supplement. Consisting of yeasts, known as probiotics.


Dietary supplement with a selective formulation of calcium, zinc and vitamin D3, in adequate amounts that helps to strengthen the immune system, stimulate growth, strengthen bone mass and stimulates appetite in a natural and safe way.

Milpax® F

Symptomatic treatment of stomach hyperacidity and heartburn caused by acid reflux from the stomach.


During pregnancy, optimal cognitive and visual development is guaranteed, favoring the development of children even after birth. Dietary supplement for pregnant women with DHA, EPA, vitamins and minerals.

Farma D®

Dietary supplement of vitamin D3, for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis D. In addition, vitamin D has a positive effect on bone and muscle health, favoring the absorption of calcium into the bone and preventing the loss of muscle mass.