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Health Register

  • EE-02125
  • EE-01045
  • EE-01145
  • EE-00992
  • EE-01004
  • EE-01144

Active principle

complex of Hidróxido de Hierro (III) polimaltosado.

Presentation | Pharmaceutical form

  • MALTOFER® 100 mg coated tablet. Box x 30 tablets.
  • MALTOFER® 100 mg chewable tablet. Box x 30 tablets.
  • MALTOFER® 100 mg/5mL drinkable oral solution. Bottle x 5 mL. Box x 10 bottles.
  • MALTOFER® 50 mg/5 mL syrup. Bottle x 150 mL.
  • MALTOFER® 50 mg/mL oral solution for drops. 30 mL bottle.
  • MALTOFER® FOL 100 mg + 0.35 mg chewable tablet Box x 30 tablets.

Technical Data Sheet Maltofer chewable tablet

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Syrup Technical Sheet

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